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Slemish Mountain

Aside from its natural beauty, Slemish Mountain, is known as the first Irish home of Saint Patrick.  In local tradition, the mountain was the site of St Patricks’s slavery, where he worked as a shepherd for about six years, from ages 16 through 22, for a man named Mulchi.

During this time of loneliness, Patrick turned to prayer as his only consolation and had a vision which encouraged him to escape and return home. After which he became a priest and returned to Ireland, allegedly to convert his old master.

Slemish Landscape Photography Northern Ireland

The mountain rises about 1500 feet (437 metres) above the surrounding plain, and it is actually the central core of an extinct volcano.   On a clear day, you should be able to see 5 of the 6 counties of Northern Ireland from the top.

This landscape photograph was taken from the Colin Road.

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