Northern Ireland Landscape Photography


Bloody Bridge with the Fuji X-E1 and the 14mm

Bloody Bridge, Newcastle,  Northern Ireland
Early December 2013

Bloody Bridge Landscape Photography Northern Ireland-2

Fuji X-E1Fuji 14mm f2.8 | GorillaPod SLR-Zoom with Ball Head | B + W 102 ND Filter | B + W Circular Polarizer

Adobe Lightroom

Background information:

A few weeks ago I returned to a favourite location of mine called Bloody Bridge, it’s situated at the foot of the Mourne mountains where Bloody river meets the Irish Sea.  The bridge dervies its name from a massacre in 1641, tradition holds that a number of Protestant prisoners were being brought under escort to Newcastle in exchange for Irish prisoners. However a massacre occurred and the bodies of slain Protestantsn were thrown over the bridge into the river, turning it red and so the river became known as the Bloody Bridge River.

Bloody Bridge car park is approximately 3 miles south of Newcastle and is right beside the river, you can either head down to the sea or head up the track towards Slieve Donard. On this occasion I headed towards the sea. This was the first time I’d travelled down there with the Fuji X-E1 and the 14mm lens. It’s nice being able to travel with so little gear.

When you set off in the dark and rely on the weather forecasts to be correct you take a big chance, especially in Northern Ireland. Thankfully there was about 30 minutes of nice light just after sunrise so I wasn’t disappointed, here are a few other photos from that morning:

Bloody Bridge Landscape Photography Northern Ireland-3

Bloody Bridge Landscape Photography Northern Ireland-1

Bloody Bridge Landscape Photography Northern Ireland-6

Bloody Bridge Landscape Photography Northern Ireland-5

Bloody Bridge Landscape Photography Northern Ireland-4

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